A few of us pilots, who are EAA members, got together several   years  ago and decided to form a local chapter of the Experimental   Aircraft Association in the Martinsburg, West Virginia area.  We were   successful and have been certified, incorporated, etc. as EAA Chapter   1071.Our   current membership stands at 42 and is growing.   Over a   dozen of our members have built or rebuilt at least one   airplane....several  have been involved in numerous   projects.   The pilots   among us are of seemingly every type....student, private, sport,   ultralight, commercial,   ATP...corporate, airline, military, flight   instructor.  We have a helicopter pilot and CFI, a Basic Med Physician, a   seaplane rated pilot, certified mechanics, enthusiasts and more.

 We hope our ranks continue to grow, bringing together an even more   diverse group of aviators, builders and aviation enthusiasts willing to   share their experience and skills.


 Meetings are regularly held on the last   Wednesday of every     month   unless   otherwise scheduled.  Notifications of   meetings   will be  made by e-mail to   the members and on this website.   The   meetings will be held in the chapter   hangar at the Eastern West   Virginia Regional Airport (KMRB).  Secondary   location is the   Pilot's   Lounge in the   Main   Terminal at the airport .   Meetings   start at 1900 hrs (07:00 PM) and usually last around two hours.


 PRESIDENT: David Porter



 SECRETARY: Phil Palmisano