Happy New Year, Chapter 1071!   This is just a note to wish everyone a happy new year and update some Chapter information ahead of our next meeting.



At the top of the list is a big THANK YOU to outgoing Officers Donna Callar and Debbie LeMaster.  You both did a wonderful job in keeping Mountain Air on track at shepherd Field.  Donna,,,,,WOW!  Ten years of continuous service as Chapter President.  Such devotion and longevity deserve special recognition.  You have been a steady influence with many accomplishments to your credit.  Your energy and leadership are certainly commendable.  Thank you.


Looking forward in 2017, the officers are:


President: David Porter


Vice President: Paul Clohan


Treasurer: Lee Jones


Secretary: Phil Palmisano


To introduce the officers just a little, I’m currently working on a Van’s RV-7 and hope to fly it in 2017.  Paul just completed a Van’s RV-14 (I believe this is his 5th experimental amateur built airplane, but I may be undercounting).  Lee is pursuing a Van’s RV-6 project with the Boy Scouts, and Phil is working on a Van’s RV-9.  We are all active pilots and to varying degrees, can all be called ”airport bums”, which is a good thing, I think!


I recently completed the annual Chapter renewal document and wanted to pass along that we have 29 active members currently.  I believe that this is a solid membership foundation on which to begin 2017


At our upcoming January meeting (Saturday, Jan. 28 at 9:00 AM in the terminal).  I’d like the agenda to include a discussion about whether we want to host any fly-ins in 2017.  Or perhaps a fly-out?  I’m very interested in hearing whether things like this interest you.  I also hope to have a discussion about whether we should mix things up in terms of our meeting day and time.  Perhaps we should return to a weekday evening meeting?  The attendance at recent meetings has been relatively sparse, so maybe the time is right to consider a new day/time?


Other news:


Jason Roach one of our newest members, earned his Private Certificate in December.  It is worth noting that Jason earned his rating in a Cessna 182 with with an upgraded engine of almost 300 hp, which certainly made the task more challenging.  Nice job, Jason.  And nice job, Lee, for training him.


Preston Barger has made great strides with his latest project, a Sonex Onex.  In addition to the airframe, Preston built the engine himself from a kit.  This single-seat airplane looks like it is going to be lots of fun.  I expect to see a first flight sometime ion 2017.  This is Preston’s 3rd EAB airplane.


I am happy to announce that Dr. Ernesto “Ernie” Agbayani is our newest member.  Ernie is a part owner in a very nice Piper Cherokee on the field.


If you have something that you would like added to the January meeting agenda, please let me know.


I hope to see everyone at the meeting on the 28th.


Thank you.