The minutes from May's meeting are below.

 EAA Chapter 1071 Meeting at 1900 on May 30th at EAA Hangar KMRB

  Members present: David Porter, Paul Clohan, Phil Palmisno, Rich Talbot, Cheryl  Keller, Ernie Agbayani, Rick Shoup, Elle, Zirkle, John Kitts, Jim Newton,     Gary Russell, Trebor Taylor, Jerry Hockman, Morgan Freeman, Joey, Phoebe P and Page, Claire Freeman.

 1.  Meeting called to order by Dave Porter, President


 Several members went to the Cedar Meadows Fly-In in West Virginia.  Lots of RV's were there, lots of fun.  This is a great little event, the host Jim Thill is   very generous and supplies all the food and drinks.  Just show up.   Plan to attend net year.

  Smitty, the owner of Aero-Smith passed away recently.

  Steve S. mentioned the Sentimental Fly-In.

  The Reading, PA fly-in is coming up.

 2,  Dr. Agbayani talked about Basic Med..  Discussinig forms that are necessry , required training and informing your doctor about the paperwork before   your appointment.  Apparently the paperwork is quite lengthy.

 3.  We broke into groups.  Steve showed us the  Waco that is hangared next to the EAA hangar.  Beautiful plane.  He talked about all the work  that was   done to resore the plane.

 4.  Dave  had a rivet workstation stup to show how to prep and rivet pieces together.

  Thanks to Cheryl again for making and bringing food.  She really goes above and beyond for the club and it is very appreciated.

  Thanks to Gary for the grilling.

 Hope to see everyone at the next meeting, which will be June 27the at 1900 hrs at the EAA Hangar


 Phil Palmisano