Monday, March 26

 Good morning.  The agenda is set for Wednesday's meering at 7 PM.

    i.  Welcome/Socialize/Eat

   ii.  Announcements/ Member Updates/Treasurer Reports

 iii.  Hands-On Station - Paul Clohan and John Kitts are going to demonstrate cutting open an oil filter to check for metal/debris .  John just changed the oil         in his Piper Cherokee yesterday, so he has a used filter available.  This is an excellent maintenance practice that any owner can do with the proper tool         and a little know how.

 iv. Phil Palmisano will have his newly overhauled Lycoming engine case at the meeting and will discuss the process he experienced.

  v. Hands-on Station - We will  disassemble a Slick 4300 series magneto to see what is inside and how it works.  A discussion of how to perform an in-              flight magneto check will be included (procedure/what to expect).

 vi. Conclusion

 A few notes

 *  The weather is forecasted to be warm on Wednesday (finally!).

 *  I think this is a really good agenda.  If we start running late, however, we might save the magneto disassembly for next month.

 *  We want to keep the content rolling in for the new web site.  If you have any ideas, or great aviation picture, etc., please share them.

 *  If you are looking for a local aviation related excursion, consider this: Meet the King and Queen Of Speed                                                                                        It is coming up in late April at the Air and Space Museum.

 *  Remember that or club meets the last Wednesday of each moth at 7 PM.